Some of our most popular activities include:

  • Swimming - This is a private pool with full disabled access and a fully qualified lifeguard. We have the use of a variety of different flotation aids and pool equipment and individuals are encouraged to work towards a variety of different swimming awards
  • Trampoline - This is a community-based activity and takes place at Summerfields Leisure centre twice a week. This activity is conducted by a qualified trampoline coach and enables those that participate to work toward gaining a variety of different certificates at different stages throughout.
  • Gardening - At Reilley House we have a small garden area that the service users are encouraged to maintain and keep fully stocked whilst learning about different plants and vegetables. This is a fun session and enables those that participate to take home some of the produce to share amongst family and friends.
  • Fishing - This activity takes place in Hastings at a small well stocked lake. The activity is held by Active Hastings and gives individuals the opportunity to learn something new whilst having fun, in a safe well staffed environment.
  • Work experience on a farm - This work experience is held at Ivyland Farm in Netherfield and is delivered by Plumpton College. This is an ongoing course that gives individuals the opportunity to gain basic skills and certificates whilst working on a farm and caring for the animals.
  • Music - within this session individuals are encouraged to explore different types of music, sharing their favourite music with the rest of the group and expressing themselves through dance and playing musical instruments. This is a popular session where everyone gets involved and has fun.
  • Reporting club - This club has been set up to enable individuals to produce a newsletter to friends, families and professionals, to update them on changes that are occurring within the centre, up and coming social events and information that may be of relevance (i.e. which cafés and shops have the best disabled access and facilities, word searches etc. Individuals who choose to partake within this group play an active part in gathering the information, taking the photographs to support the articles and conducting interviews prior to editing the newsletter and dispatching it.
  • Community Participation - Due to being within close proximity to Bexhill town centre and the train station, we are very lucky to be able to explore many different areas as well as having the opportunity to go further afield in our 15 seated PSV minibus. This enables us to regularly explore different places of interest.
  • Cookery - At Reilley House we have a very large, well-equipped kitchen which is the ideal place to conduct cookery sessions. Within these sessions the individuals are encouraged to learn about Health and Safety of the kitchen, choose what they would like to cook, shop for the ingredients, and then prepare and cook the ingredients before taking the finished product home for all to enjoy.
  • Needle Crafts - Within this session individuals attending are encouraged to learn a variety of different needle crafts, ranging from knitting, sewing, rug making and cross stitch.
  • Information Sharing - A variety of different topics of interest are discussed within this session. This is a good confidence building session and produces some excellent feedback.
  • Health and Beauty - An ideal opportunity for those that wish to participate to have their hair, nails and makeup done.
  • Sports - Consists of a variety of different sports ranging from football, cricket, swing ball, rounders and basket ball. This is a good fun session with the added bonus of keeping fit at the same time.
  • Bowling - This is held at Ocean Bowling and gives everyone the opportunity to perfect their strikes whilst having fun.
  • Art and Craft - Within this activity those participating are encouraged to work on a variety of different projects, whilst exploring different medium, textures and textiles.
  • Café Visits - A chance to get out with your friends and have a social afternoon in a local café over a drink and a cake.
  • Drama - An ideal opportunity to bring out the budding actor/actress in everyone, before putting on a yearly performance to family and friends.

Our activities are regularly reviewed, so the above list may be subject to change, but will give you a good idea of the activities we have on offer.

Our Current Activities List Click Here to Download Pdf (139k)