• ed

    Ed Sayer Proprietor

    Ed has spent most of his career in the Care sector, he started as a Support worker in 1980 and has since worked in several key roles within different care organisations. Working at all levels gave Ed a wealth of knowledge and experience, and it was these opportunities, which inspired him to start his own business. In 1989, Ed and his wife Claire opened East View Housing. This new community based service would allow residents to have real choices and make genuine decisions about their future, ensuring they play an active part in the community and are recognised for their achievements. Over time the company has developed a fantastic reputation and has become one of the leading providers of care in East Sussex.

    Over the last few years, Ed has become less involved with the day-to-day running of the company, the senior management team now take responsibility for this, but Ed is still very much involved in decision-making and the future development of East View Housing.

    Ed has been keeping himself very busy though, in particular, fulfilling a lifelong dream to run a 'self sufficient' farm! This is a passion of Ed's and although it's very different from the world of social care, it didn't take long for him to set up links with a local college and is now offering people with disabilities the opportunity to work and experience life on the farm!

  • claire

    Claire Sayer Proprietor

    Claire has worked within the care sector since 1984. Like Ed, she too has worked at various levels and was responsible for developing community projects within various day-care services. Although Claire was enjoying a successful career, she had a desire to start her own business. Claire and her husband Ed started East View Housing in 1989. Claire has been involved in all areas of the company over the years, from resident holidays to N.V.Q assessing, Claire has always believed in getting involved, showing by example and making sure we offer the best service possible. Claire and Ed assembled a Senior Management team in 1999 and she developed her role primarily within the finance department.

    Claire is very family orientated, she enjoys nothing more than spending time on the farm with her family and friends. Claire loves cooking and especially enjoys producing her own bacon and sausages.

  • ken

    Ken Turner Non Executive Director

    Ken joined East View Housing part time in 1998 when he retired as HR Director of a large nursery company. His initial role was to ensure that the company complied fully with Employment Law and Health and Safety Legislation. Since then Tim King has taken over the legislative role, and Ken oversees training and development within the company and has been responsible for writing and managing the comprehensive induction package for all new staff. He is a member of the SMT and advises on company policy and development issues. Ken is a keen gardener and enjoys spending quality time with his grand children.

  • tim

    Tim King Operations Manager

    Tim has been working with East View Housing since May 1995. Initially Tim started as a Support worker at No 27 Alexandra Rd, but soon moved over to day services at Reilley House. Tim spent several years at Reilley House and eventually became Manager. In September 1999, Tim was offered the opportunity to become General Homes Manager, this involved supporting the Residential Managers in the development of services. In August 2000, the Senior Management Team was formed and Tim's role changed to that of Operations Manager, Tim's primary responsibilities include Business Development, Personnel and Health and Safety. Tim lives in Hastings and when he is not chasing after his two young daughters, he enjoys going to the gym and Cross-country running. For his sins, Tim is particularly fond of Tottenham Hotspur football club!

  • beverley

    Beverley Morgan Finance Manager

    Beverley qualified as a Chartered Accountant in February 1989 and worked for many years in local accountancy practises dealing with the accounts, taxation and business affairs of small businesses. One of the main clients Beverley worked with since 1994 was East View Housing. In December 2005 an opportunity arose for Beverley to leave practise and to work full time in the Senior Management Team of East View Housing. Beverley deals with all financial aspects for the Company, from the monthly payroll to Business Development. In her spare time Beverley enjoys spending time with her family and is a keen runner and triathlete. Beverley particularly never misses taking part in the Hastings Half Marathon!