Services we Provide

East View Housing believes it is important that service users know what we are able to assist them with and the services they can expect to receive. It is important the service users feel comfortable with the services they are paying for. We can help with most tasks including:

  • Assistance with personal care including bathing and dressing
  • Administration and management of Medication
  • Assistance with personal budgetary and financial planning
  • Assistance to seek out suitable interests and opportunities
  • Assistance within the Community as a whole, acting as an advocate where required
  • Assistance with laundry, cleaning, meal preparation and other household chores
  • Assistance with everyday general home management, including matters involving the landlord or home owner, utility services, repairs and renewals
  • Assistance with their Life Plan and in meetings to help the individual reach their hopes, dreams and aspirations
  • Assistance with managing the tenancy, if applicable, refer to the tenants handbook

How we deliver the Support

Initial Referral:
Unless the individual has contacted us, usually we will have been contacted by the Local Authority, Social Services, Health Authority or a relative, friend or advocate to see if we can provide a service that meets the needs of the individual exactly. We are specialists in the field of community support and have been providing support and care for the past 20 years in various capacities.

Assessment of needs:
At this stage we conduct a meeting with the individual to conduct a full assessment of the needs, abilities and future aspirations of the individual. This is where we try to learn as much about the individual as we can, so that the support or care we offer is specifically tailored to their needs.

Assessing Risks:
If the individual has decided to have support in their own home, naturally this will carry some risks. The support staff will not be with them all the time, so there will not be the same level of support as, perhaps in a residential home for example. Of course there are great benefits from this as it allows the individual to maintain their independence and on balance, a measure of risk is worthwhile. However, we want to be sure that everyone concerned understands the risks and has thought about them responsibly and that the risks to be taken are not unreasonable or unnecessary. So, with the individual we will carry out risk assessments, weighing up risks to be taken and advantages. We may also make suggestions on how to minimise unnecessary risk taking


East View Housing believe all service users should be encouraged to maintain as much independence and individuality as is practicably possible.