Terms, Conditions & Fees

It is important the service user understands what responsibilities, we as an company have in terms of the support we provide them. This will be specified to the individual within their contract with us.

A summary of your responsibilities

It is also equally important that the service user understands the responsibilities they have whilst receiving our services, for example, all service users must behave in a manner that is acceptable in society in the knowledge that services will be withdrawn should they discriminate against a support worker on the grounds of race, gender, colour, beliefs or sex.

Any Violence against a support worker, whether verbal, physical or implied will not be accepted nor will sexual or racial harassment.

Our Conditions

Support workers and carers have the right to refuse to use any electrical or mechanical equipment if they should appear unsafe, the service user holds the responsibility for maintenance and supply of any such items.

A Support Worker has the right to terminate any activity, that after reasonable consideration appears to be unsafe or holds too high a risk to the safety of the Service user, themselves or others present.

Agreement to utilise our services

In signing the Service Contract the individual is agreeing to utilise the sole services of East View Housing, its support staff, its Service User Plan and Assessment of Need.

The service user shall not for a period of 1 year after the termination date of tenancy, whether directly or indirectly or in any event in any capacity whatsoever (whether on your behalf or on behalf of another person) solicit the custom or business of any other Domiciliary Care Workers or other staff introduced by us.

Any independent employment of our Staff will be regarded as a breach of Contract.

Cancelling an appointment

Except in exceptional circumstances such as sudden admittance to hospital or other similar event, it is incumbent on the Service User to give at least 12 hours notice of cancellation of an assignment. Failure to give the appropriate notice will result in the normal charge for the contracted service.

Termination of the agreement

We, and the Service user may terminate the contract for services at any time by giving two weeks written notice to the other.

Insurance and security

The Service user must have household insurance and ensure the Support Worker supporting them is adequately covered, this also includes adequate cover for breakages or loss of property.

The company makes no admission as to loss or damage of property belonging to the service user, however the service user must notify the company at the earliest opportunity.

Whilst, the company does not envisage any problems, the service user should have a detailed inventory done of their belongings and ensure any valuables such as jewellery are stored safely or deposited in a safe deposit box.


The hourly rate for services will be clearly marked within the Service Contract. The cost of services the individual receives, will, usually be paid directly to us by Social Services or other Local Authority, however, if the individual is paying privately, they will be invoiced on a monthly basis and this must be paid within 14 days of receipt. This can be paid by usual means such as Cheque, Cash or Direct Debit.

A copy of the Terms, Conditions and Fees will be issued to the individual in the Service Contract.

Complaints and Compliments

If a service user is unhappy about something, they have the right to complain. It may be they are not happy with the support they are getting or perhaps someone has upset them.

The complaints procedure is intended to deal with any problems as efficiently as possible. Simply chatting with the person involved or a staff member can sort out, most day-to-day problems. However, the service user might find this difficult and if they cannot resolve their complaint in this way, they may want to make a formal complaint.

Your complaint will need to be put in writing, using the complaints form; you may need a Support Worker to help you do this. Your complaint will be dealt with by the service manager. If your complaint were to be about the Manager or the service as a whole, you have the opportunity to address your complaint directly to the C.Q.C (Care Quality Commission) or Social Services.

If we were unable to find a solution to your complaint, it would then be forwarded to the next level (complaints dealt with by the Directors of the Company).

You will be kept informed of the progress of your complaint throughout.

Complaining does not affect your statutory rights.