Here you will find a few testimonials, submitted to us by clients, carers and family members:


    I like living in this house because I have a nice bedroom, nice staff to help me and I get to see my boyfriend and have him around for dinner.
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    Allison Cowlard - Resident

    It is a pleasure to see the residents leading fulfilling lives and developing new skills. I have one of the best jobs in the world.
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    Sally Gardhouse - EVH Employee

    All the carers at EVH are so kind and considerate of Alisons foibles. She is always happy to return to the house after a visit to us and gets a big welcome. We couldnt have wished for a better situation for Alison.
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    Sue and Ted Gould - Parents of resident

    I shall be eternally grateful for all the help given to both Steve and myself. With such backing, I cannot praise East View Housing enough. Many thanks for all the help we have received.
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    Peggy Mulligan - Mother of Resident

    No two days or even shifts are the same as there is always so much going on. Knowing that you are enabling the residents to enjoy their lives is what makes the job so rewarding.
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    Ros Eccles - EVH Employee

    The house always looks nice. The staff keep it clean and tidy and often look in on me to see how I am feeling. I like going out to the shops or to meet my friend Peter. Peter comes to visit me if I do not feel up to going out.

    Kathy Carter - Resident

    I have received extensive support and training and the residents care, support and overall wellbeing is testament to EVH. I look forward to working many years within the company.
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    Elena Goodsell - EVH Employee